Tutor Training Resources

Online Training Websites

Instructions to access ProLiteracy Education Network

  • Click on: Instructor (tab ~ 2” from the top of the page)
  • Select: Online Courses (click on “Learn More” below Online Courses)
  • Click on: Desired course title
  • Click on: Register to this course
  • When the title come up: Click “Confirm”
  • A login box will appear.  If you are a returning user, log in
  • If you are a first time visitor, click “Register now” at bottom
  • Enter personal info and click “Next”
  • Create a User Name and Password (User name will be on your certificate)
  • Retype Confirm password.  Click “Finish”
  • At bottom of the page, click “Begin”
  • Click on the course
  • Read the page and click “Begin” at upper right corner
  • Click on the various links and take notes.  
  • Keep clicking “Next” to go through the pages until completed
  • At the top of the page, there are icons – one says “Review”
  • This is your exam. Press “Continue” and take it.
  • When the exam is complete, click on: “Submit” (near the bottom on right)
  • Print Certificate (command is near the top of the page, in rust-colored words)
  • When Certificate appears, RIGHT click the mouse and choose “Print”
  • For additional courses, click on the left tab: “Online Courses”