About Us

Our Vision
   To learn more about our vision and mission 
watch our 25th Anniversary Video.

TEACH will

 ~  Be known for the inclusive, individualized,
     quality education we provide to our students.
 ~  Be a financially self-sustaining organization 
     with a multitude of funding sources.
 ~  Expand programs and sites to meet the 
     literacy needs in surrounding communities.
 ~  Engage civic and business leaders in a 
     partnership that improves the quality 
     of life for all members of their communities.

       Funding for TEACH is made possible by 
    the Congregation of St. Joseph, community 
    grants, and private donations.

      TEACH, a CSJ Ministry is a sponsored 
   ministry of the Congregation of St. Joseph. 
      We are an accredited affiliated of ProLiteracy 
   Worldwide, based in Syracuse, New York.