Volunteer Opportunities

Join Us!

    Since 1993, TEACH has trained more 
than 2,500 >tutors from Chicago and 
forty-five suburbs. 
    Homemakers, college students, 
professionals, and retirees 
join in to help more than 5,000 
non-English speaking students from 
thirty-five suburban communities.

   The successes achieved by our 
students are because of our volunteers.
Helping our students learn how to read, 
improve better communication skills, and 
find assistance when a problem arises, 
are some of the goals of our tutors. 

    Tutors will also help students 
prepare for the GED and the 
U.S. Citizenship Tests.
Acquiring the language skills 
to achieve some of the above goals 
is the primary benefit of the 
one-on-one tutoring of 
TEACH - Tutoring English to Advance Change.