TEACH Spotlights

TEACH in the News

Fox32 News - Chicago
   Sylvia Perez of Fox 32 News 
interviewed Constantine Bitsas, 
executive director of TEACH,
the first week in November.
   During the interview Mr. Bitsas 
describes how TEACH has been 
helping Chicagoland's surrounding
communities' immigrants survive 
during the pandemic crisis. 
   A link to the video interview 
can be found here.

Chicago Proud - ABC7 Eyewitness News 
  On Sunday, Nov 1, 2020, Constantine 
Bitsas, TEACH Executive Director, 
was interviewed by Mark Rivera 
of ABC7.  
   Mr. Bitsas highlights some of 
the ways TEACH has been sharing
 accurate information 
with their students so they are
informed during the COVID-19 
   A link to the interview can 
be found here.
Riverside Brookfield Landmark
    The July 7, 2020, issue of
Riverside Brookfield Landmark 
included an interview with 
Constantine Bitsas, TEACH 
Executive Director. 
    The article, "TEACH helps 
immigrants navigate the 
COVID-19 era," highlights
TEACH’s role during the 
COVID-19 pandemic
and how it has refocused
its instruction so 
non-English speaking students 
can continue with their learning.  
   The article can be found here.
WCPT 820 Radio 
    On August 13, 2020, Andrea 
Darlas of WCPT 820 interviewed 
TEACH Executive Director, 
Constantine Bitsas, 
during the Joan Esposito's
"Live, Local and Progressive" 
    The sound bite below contains 
the interview which focused on what 
TEACH has been doing to help all 
non-English students during the 
Coronavirus pandemic.  
Western Springs Neighbors Magazine 
   An article, "Making a Difference 
Through Tutoring English, " was 
included in the Western Springs 
Living Magazine. 
   The article introduces the 
TEACH board members and 
describes the functions and 
mission of TEACH.