Community Resources

   Included within this section are links
and articles to help you find answers to 
your questions and concerns.
   Your tutor will help you if you have 
any further questions or concerns.   
   To access the resources,
click on the appropriate link. 
Educational Services 
    Local Colleges 
English Learning Resources 
    Websites to improve Writing,
    Reading, and Listening Skills
Free/Low-Cost Assistance 
    Job, Clothing, Rent Assistance
Food Pantries 
     Community Food Pantries
Health and Wellness Resources 
     COVID, Physical, and Mental 
     Health Centers
Health Connections - The HUB
     Medical Health Centers
Immigration Legal Services - Index 
     Local Legal Services
Social Service Partners (Free/Low Cost)
    Community Social Services
Taller De José Illinois Public Assistance 

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