Tutor Info

TEACH - Tutoring English to Advance Change - works toward a systemic change in society by 
empowering English language learners to make their voices heard. This is accomplished through a 
unique integration of practical one-on-one English literacy lessons along with cultural mentoring
and community inclusion support.

As cultural mentors and coaches, TEACH tutors are responsive to an individual’s language and cultural challenges. 
Tutors help students become an active member of their community in various ways:
  • For the student who is anxious about being unable to communicate at her child’s first parent-teacher conference, 
    the tutor explains the purpose of the conference and what to expect.
  • For the student obtaining a driver’s license, the tutor explains the process, the documents needed, 
    and what to expect at the DMV.
  • For the student who needs a job, the tutor helps him navigate through the job search process, 
    prepare resumes and applications, and practice interviewing.
  • For the student renting an apartment, the tutor explains conventions of renting 
    and reviews the lease with the student to explain any unclear language.
The above situational experiences are some of the commitments made by TEACH tutors. 
They are willing to volunteer their time and are committed to helping those in need.
The barriers which prevent many adults with low English literacy skills from learning to read and write are lack of money,time, 
transportation, childcare, as well as fear and embarrassment.TEACH removes these barriers by providing free tutoring during day 
and evening shifts for adults in their own communities. Our volunteers teach adults how to read and 
write at their own pace in a friendly and supportive environment.