How to Volunteer

   If you were to walk into any TEACH site, 
you would see volunteers of all ages
teaching adults of different language 
levels learning how to read and write.
   The volunteers would be engaging their 
learners in phonic games, role-playing, 
reading stories, playing bingo, and 
maybe even creating historical puzzles 
and stories.
   These and other activities are available 
to all tutors as they help their learner 
acquire important life skills, and overcome 
the barriers of being labeled “foreign.”

How to become a tutor

  1. Call TEACH at 630-217-0396  
    requesting information about the 
    tutor training program.
  2. Sign up for a free tutor 
    training program.
  3. After you have completed 
    the training, we will match you 
    with a student at an hour 
    that is convenient for you
     - morning, afternoon, or evening.
  4. The minimum requirements 
    are one hour per week with 
    the same student on the 
    same day, time and location.
  5. Our calendar matches the 
    school year with a 6-week 
    optional summer session.