Hanul Family Alliance

Return to Index Chicago Office 5008 N. Kedzie Ave. Chicago, IL 60625 Phone: (773)478-8851 Fax: (773)478-8552 Website link
Mount Prospect Office
1166 S. Elmhurst Rd.
Mount Prospect, IL 60056
Phone: (847)439-5195
Fax: (847)439-5197
E-mail: citizen@hanulusa.org 

Frequently Asked Questions
Is this organization recognized by 
the Board of Immigration Appeals 
to practice immigration law? 
Yes (Mount Prospect and Chicago)

Does this organization
~ Have attorneys on staff?  No
~ Consult with private attorneys? Yes
~ Coordinate pro bono (free) 
    services with private 
    attorneys? Yes
~ Serve a particular clientele? 
    No limitations
~ Charge for services? Yes 
(Nominal fee; Waivers available;  
Citizenship applications free)
~ Have income guidelines 
  for determining fees?  
  Yes (125% of Federal poverty level)
~ Charge a flat fee for specific 
    services?  Yes

Intake Hours 
Monday through Friday 
Does this organization
~ Accept intake by mail? Yes
~ Accept intake by fax?  Yes
~ Accept intake by email? Yes 
   at hanul@hanulusa.org
   or citizen@hanulusa.org

What languages does this 
organization's staff speak? 
English and Korean
What geographical area does 
this organization cover? 
Chicago metropolitan area 
and suburbs
Services Provided
N-400 application for 
     naturalization Yes
N-600 application for certificate 
     of citizenship Yes
N-648 medical disability waiver Yes
N-565 application for replacement 
     certificate Yes
Family-based immigration 
I-130 alien relative petition Yes
I-360 self-petition  No
I-485 application for adjustment 
    of status Yes
Consular processing Yes
Waiver applications 
     (I-212 and I-601) No
I-751 petition to remove 
   conditions on residence Yes
I-131 application for travel 
     document Yes
I-765 application for employment 
    authorization Yes
I-90 application for replacement 
     green card Yes

Other Immigration Benefits
1-539 application to extend/change 
non-immigrant status Yes
No representation in immigration court, 
at the Board of Immigration Appeals, 
or in Federal court.