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Return to Public Assistance Index Illinois Welcoming Centers
   Illinois Welcoming Centers can provide 
a number of services, referrals, and 
    The state-funded locations can offer, 
among other things, employment training, 
community health care, educational services,
and information on public assistance.  
    Best of all, these services and more can 
be found in just one location.  
    Another benefit of these locations is that 
the Illinois Welcoming Center staff is bilingual.  
Services are offered in both English 
and Spanish, and Illinois clients have access 
to multilingual translators and interpreters.
Transitional Assistance (TA)
    This public assistance program is 
for those who do not qualify for either 
Refugee and Prpatriate Assistance (RRA) 
or AABD.  Specific qualifications and 
rules apply.
Illinois Medical Assistance Programs
   Illinois Medical Assistance Programs can 
provide families with access to affordable 
or free, yet high-quality public health care
 and assistance. 
    Medical Assistance Programs are 
administered through the Illinois Department 
of Healthcare and Family Services (HFS).  
    While various conditions need to be met 
and are in place by the state, in general, 
for medical bill assistance a patient or 
family needs to have a child under 19, 
needs to be pregnant, or health 
care may also be offered for seniors as 
well as the disabled.
Women, Infants, and Children
Food Assistance
    WIC is another food assistance program 
that is administered by the Illinois Department 
of Human Services.  
    It helps new mothers and young children 
as well as pregnant women eat well and stay 
healthy, and ensures their child also cereal, 
dry beans, peanut butter, or peas. 
    The WIC program also provides the public 
with information about nutrition and general 
health care to help keep people healthy.
WIC Farmer's Market Nutrition 
Program (FMNP)
   The Illinois WIC Farmer's Market 
Nutrition Program is another public assistance 
program for Women, Infants, and Children 
across the region.  
    The government can provide special checks 
and vouchers to buy fresh, nutritious fruits, 
bread, vegetables, and herbs from both 
farmer's markets and roadside stands.
Assistance from Illinois 
Counties and Cities
 Cook County
 DuPage County
 Kane County
 Lake County
 McHenry County
 Will County