Learning English isn’t the only goal of our TEACH students. They also have a goal of becoming American citizens which is reached with the help and encouragement of their tutors.

A tutor encourages his student to identify the continents of Asia, Europe, Africa, North and South America on the globe. English is the only language spoken during each tutoring session.

Students and their tutors gathered together in the School on Wheels bus. This traveling bus, sponsored by the Sisters of St. Joseph, was used to reach out to the community. Today, TEACH locations can be found in Cook, DuPage, and Will counties.

Various workbooks and worksheets are used to help students progress as they learn to speak and read the English language. Some exercises require students to create stories from pictures.

Reaching out to the community, TEACH offers classes to companies and their employees. Some of these classes are offered after hours at an employee’s workplace, while others are offered at 17 local facilities.


Welcome to the new website of Teaching English to Advance Change – TEACH – formerly School and Tutors on Wheels

Through free individualized English instruction, we work toward systemic change in society by empowering students to build their strengths and the effective use of their voice. We work to ensure the inclusion of those who are typically excluded, underrepresented or undervalued. TEACH exists, “That All May Be One.”

TEACH reaches 40 communities in Western Cook, DuPage and Will counties.